About Torsten Kruse

 Torsten was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1939 and has been a resident in the U.S. since 1968. After three years in the Danish Navy, two of which were spent in Greenland, Torsten became a ceramist in his sisters studio where he mostly did sculptures and tile paintings.

Wishing to see the world, Torsten was led to a job for Denmarks "old man" A.P. Moller, the founder of the giant Mersk Line, on his 12M cruising Racer. Some years later he became a Captain after a year in Navigation School. Torsten then sailed for nearly 30 years, under sail, all over the world. During those years he slowly started to do Marine Paintings, mostly of historic nature.

After retiring from professional sailing Torsten became a full time marine artist. His art has been shown in many places including a one-man show in Palm Beach, FL. He has also shown in the Mystic Seaports International Exhibition, too. That was in 1999 with painting #45 'RIVALS'. Besides oil painting, Torsten also does marine painting on porcelain tiles for use in trays and tables.

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